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FDF Energy Services

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About FDF Energy Services

FDF Energy Services has been providing world class customer service to the Oil and Gas Industry for over forty years. Headquartered in Lafayette Louisiana, FDF employs nearly 500 industry professionals who are focused on exceeding customer expectations while providing a safe, positive, and fulfilling work environment.

Our diverse portfolio of products and services and proven history of excellence, makes us uniquely qualified to provide solutions across the entire spectrum of a well’s life cycle. FDF’s strategic network of facilities, coupled with our last mile logistics expertise, allows us to provide unparalleled value. FDF Energy Services can conquer any challenge, in any geography.

Come join a leader in oilfield transportation. We are constantly looking for reliable, experienced, and safe drivers. In addition to great pay, we offer many other benefits and great opportunities for advancement in a family friendly environment.

Our Values

Integrity in all that we do … We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards; our actions are deeply rooted in Trust, Fairness, and Humility.

Passion to Inspire … We value personal relationships which allow us to effectively Communicate and Collaborate with Purpose.

Excellence is our Standard … We consistently exceed expectations through Teamwork, Superior Customer Service, and Expertise.

Our Passion

To be the preferred energy service provider by delivering safe, efficient, high quality products, services, and specialized equipment in an ethical manner while consistently exceeding customer expectations.

To be the preferred employer within the energy industry, by creating a safe, inspirational, and balanced work environment with high expectations, while making our employees feel valued, connected and cared for.

Our Vision

To become the market leader in drilling/completion fluids, rig/vessel cleaning, and material transportation in current geographies and sectors.

To partner with customers in expanding existing services throughout the Americas and by growing into mid and downstream sectors.

To achieve growth through quality execution, strategic acquisitions, and by recruiting, developing, and retaining the industry’s best employees.


February 01, 2018

by Charles Mackey

Equipment Operator / Driver

I began working at FDF on December 18th, 2007 at the Clinton, OK yard. I believe all employees can still learn something new everyday. I have 40 years truck driving experience. FDF has very good benefits for all employees. FDF gives their employees a feeling of independence. As a driver, you have the opportunity to work hard and make a good income. Again, I've been there over 10 years and can say FDF is a great place to be. I also enjoy the friendships between drivers and we all try to help each other at locations. I'm the senior driver at the Clinton yard (oldest at 68 and been there longest) with no plans to retire for several years as long as my health lets me. Thankyou FDF for being a wonderful company and employer.

February 01, 2018

by Lee Adams

Equipment Operator / Driver

My name is Lee Adams Sr. I have been married to my lovely wife, for 18 years. God has blessed us with five wonderful kids; three boys and two girls. I started my career here at FDF Energy Services as a Cleaning Technician in March of 2004; this year will make 14 years of employment. As I began to prove myself as a hard worker, I was promoted to Fluid Technician. After a few years of working as a Fluid Tech, I was offered the opportunity to help start a new project for FDF at our new facility at the Port of Lake Charles - receiving and shipping Frac Sand. It wasn't long before I realized that if I worked even harder, putting forth the effort to study get the training I needed, I could become an equipment operator (truck driver). That is exactly what I did! I started on the job training to work in the Pneumatics Department. Once I completed all of my training, I became an Equipment Operator. I began to deliver Frac Sand and a number of other oil field products all over the United States. With that said, I have a very lucrative and exciting adventure working for the FDF Energy Service family. I've been given a great deal of opportunities and support from my dispatchers and managers. On every job there are both pros and cons. At FDF I believe the pros outweighs the cons. For example, I am a Deacon and my wife and I are also teachers and counselors at my church, Refuge Temple Ministries Inc., which consists of 8 churches in Texas and Louisiana. When I am scheduled to Teach, Preach or need off for any of our church events that I am required to attend, the FDF team always tries their best to accommodate me. This allows me to be able to fill both God's will for my life and my duties on the job; it's something that I really count to be very valuable as an employee of FDF. In addition to that, I've found FDF to be very family oriented. When two of my sons became of age and in need of employment while attending college, FDF gave them that opportunity. The same opportunity was given to my brother who is also currently employed here. There is so much more that I can say concerning FDF, however, it would take entirely too much time to do so. With that said, FDF is a great company to work for. When the company goes through hardship, we as employees stick together and go through the hardship together. Once the storm is over, we all benefit together; we all make lots of money together! Finally, if there were last words that I felt worthy to say about this company, it would be that FDF Energy Services is a family company and families stick together through the good and bad time's. This is why I believe this company has been around for so long and I believe it is why FDF is here to stay!

February 01, 2018

by James Johnson

Clinton Plant Manager

I started working for FDF in Clinton, OK on 11/03/2008. I never worked in the oil field before so this was totally different for me. I get along with everyone here at FDF. I drove for 4 ½ years before moving into the office to become a dispatcher. I worked as a dispatcher for 2 ½ years then was promoted to plant manager in Clinton, OK. I’ve been a manager now for 2 years and I feel that I have found a home. I really like FDF, I’ve been here 9 years now and I don’t think I’m going anywhere. I like what I see FDF is doing, moving forward. They really take care of the drivers here.

January 25, 2018

by Jim Burns – AKA Rattle Snake

Equipment Operator / Driver

I enjoy the camaraderie at FDF. There are a lot of guys here in Alice that been working together between 15 and 20 years, that’s hard to come by at other companies. Our time at FDF leads to a lot of old and dear friendships. I enjoy welcoming new employees as they start their new career at FDF. It’s not hard to round up 5 employees that have 50 to 100 years’ experience in our industry. That’s a lot of helpful tips and how to’s to be shared. A guy can run legal and still make a paycheck he can live on. The benefit package is decent and the health insurance is great.

January 25, 2018

by Inoe Perez Jr.

Equipment Operator / Driver

I have been employed with FDF for 2 years. I like the office personnel because they are always ready to help me with any problems I may have. Also I like working with my coworkers out in the field. I like the benefits that they have. Worked there before and the company has been in Alice for 40 years.
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FDF Energy Services

240 Jasmine Rd
Crowley, LA 70526


Type of Runs: Local and Regional
Time Away from Home: Yes
Paid Orientation: Yes


Medical: Yes
Dental: Yes
Vision: Yes
Retirement: Yes


Bonuses: Yes