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March 08, 2019

by Nancy amesbury


I really am a Holland driver.got no significant complaints.we sit less than u do,if ur log is connected to ur engine,and our omni tracks is.our length of haul is,-they track that,and tell u as part of regular reviews,I was over 1500 avg. For last period.I like the room in the cascadia,and the ride I think is good.great Dane trl.all pretty darn new.so equipt=top notch.unload on Sun ? Don't expect to sit,we know better,just letting u .know,unless reload at same place,or not far down the road.with pet diem,I'm probably doing the best I've ever done.23 yrs.sometime-send macro and it's been taken seriously,every time.I don't want the tv..but u can have sat tv.in cash xmsirius..I like the spa ch. A lot of customers are regular,so often u know where to find them,which reminds me,they usually send directions with disp.maint.is great.tired replaced regularly,etc.401k.I realize it I went somewhere else ,most factors wouldn't be as good.did knows there sht.tried to give u a real opinion..I expect the others are,but I know this on is hopefully u can tell. Be good

March 11, 2017

by Kristine

OTR truck driver

I love my job! The truck is one year old, in beautiful condition. Every single trailer is in top condition. I regularly get runs from WA to PA, then reload down to AZ. Killer miles, and they pay actual miles, not some b.s. HHMG miles. If they say a trip is 2,200 miles, that's what it is and that's what I am paid for. I never sit after delivery, waiting on a reload. Meaning I am able to plan my trip accordingly, and better manage my hours. Now for the goodies...APU, power inverter that can run 2 TVs a PS4,, a built in fridge and freezer and a microwave all at the same time. Direct TV, XM radio, 24" TV mounted on a swivel, Fridge and freezer, all this comes with the truck. Subscriptions for TV and radio are paid by Holland. While at a customer, I am watching tv. While driving, I am listening to the news on xm radio so I can keep up with what's going on in the world. I am one happy camper, and my rider is super happy, too. We are thinking of getting a little dog, which is also allowed here at Holland. I will work here until I retire. I highly recommend this company to my fellow safe and experienced drivers. Tell them Kristine Harrell sent you!

Holland Enterprises, Inc.

500 Carl Olson St.
Mapleton, ND 58059